The Catalyst for Change, LLC​

"Below you will find the most common questions clients ask me. If you have an inquiry though that has not been answer/listed below, please click on the 'Contact' tab to message me your question!"

-Do you accept any form of Insurance?​


-How much does a session cost?
 17 & Under =$75/50mins
Adult Individual = $150/hr
           Couple/Family = $150/hr          

*Adult Individual, Couple & Family Sessions are no less than 1 hr*

-Do you have to be married to schedule a Couples Session?
       Absolutely not! Whether you are dating, engaged, married or even going through a divorce, each Couples Session will be personalized to meet your unique needs.

-How many sessions do you recommend an Individual, Couple or Family attend?
       At the end of your initial session, I will make an assessment and provide you with feedback suggesting my recommendation for scheduling frequency moving forward. This can vary from 1 session per week, to 1 session biweekly, or even just a monthly check-in. It all depends on the severity of your presenting concerns, as well as the rate in which you want positive change to occur in your life.

-What questions can I expect you to ask during a session?
       I will ask questions that address your past, present & future! Even though you may be coming in with current dilemmas, it is important for me to have an understanding of your background, upbringing, family history, current social group, work experience, relationship experience and goals for the future.

-Do you prescribe medications?
       No. If you are interested in beginning a medication, I would encourage you to discuss your symptoms with your Primary Care Physician, or local Psychiatrist.